No Pressure sensitivity with Wacom Intuos-3 tablet

I moved a Wacom Intuos-3 tablet from a Window XP (64) computer with Sudios 4.5 to try a downloaded trial version of Animate2 on a new Window 7 (64) system with a new set of drived downloaded. In Animate, the brush width is fixed at maximum pen width with pen pressure having no effect but the pressure changes are shown when using the pen the the Wacom set preference program.

I deleted the tablet preferences file as suggested in a post regarding a similar problem with Wacom Bamboo tablet but that had no effect.
I must be missing something pretty simple because no one else seems to being having problem. Can anyone help.
SORRY, I made a similar post the the general discussions section.

Are you still having this issue?

I would recommend just making sure that you have the latest drivers from the Wacom website installed.

Also, if you’re using Windows 7, you can try to turn off the Aero theme (right-click on the desktop and go to Personalise). Select the Basic theme instead.

Lastly, what graphics card are you using?

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