No Pressure sensitivity with Wacom Intuos-3 tablet

I downloaded a trial version of Animate2 to a new Window 7 system and the brush width is fixed at maximum pen width.

My pen and tablet work fine with Studio 4.5 on my old Windows XP computer and in the Wacom preference setup program on the new computer.

I found a knowledge base post on the subject but it doesn’t seem to apply (actually the solution didn’t make any sense to me)

Away, can someone correct the error of my ways?

Did you try removing all preferences and set it up again? I had to do that when I first installed animate and again when I upgraded to 2.

Thanks Alex,

I tried your suggestion but the problem remains the same - the brush is always at its maximum width.
I have tried everything I can think of including reinstalling the lastest driver for the Wacom tablet even though the pen pressures work fine withing the program to reset preference for the Wacom tablet.
I guess I will give up on Animate, I just just don’t any more time to waste.


Usually when you delete the tablet preferences file and then relaunch the application, it solves this issue. If this does not resolve your issue and you’re still interested in evaluating our software, then feel free to email

Toon Boom Support