No Pressure Sensitivity with Cintiq 21UX

I can’t get toon boom animate to work with pressure sensitiveness with my Cintiq 21UX. I do have sensitiveness with all other programs like Photoshop, Corel Painter, Sketchbook Pro, but no with the Cintiq when used with ToonBoom Animate or Storyboard. I tested them with my Intuos 4 and it works. So the problems is somehow with the Cintiq and your line of products.
I had installed the latest drivers and still I don’t have pressure sensitiveness with the Cintiq. I have changed pens and nothing. I have the same problem with Storyboard. So obviously, it’s a Toon Boom software issue.

You need to uninstall ALL tablet drivers and tablet preference files. Reboot. Then install only the tablet driver for your current tablet model, use the tablet utility to define your new tablet preferences.

If it doesn’t work then you missed something. Contact support for some remote assistance in this case.

I’m having a similar problem on Win 7 64-bit with a 22HD Cintiq. I’ve done this multiple times: uninstalling the drivers through control panel’s uninstall, removing ‘All Users’ preferences using Wacom’s tablet utility tool that comes with the driver install.

Once uninstalled, there is no Wtablet folder under C:/Users/[name]/Appdata/Roaming/ as indicated by Wacom for clearing tablet preferences.

I’ve also disabled my second screen completely to help isolate the conflicts as stated in another Toonboom Animate thread. I’m on my 4th re-install of the newest Cintiq driver for Win7 (6.3.6-3) and have even dug up older drivers which are proving no better.

Would you or anyone be willing to possibly provide a step-by-step to help this scenario?

Download and install the latest available service pack release for your version from the “My Downloads” section of your member’s profile.

If you’re still having this problem after installing the latest service pack release then contact to have a look on your system.