No pressure! Help!

I’m not getting any pressure sensitivity with my Cintiq 20wsx. I’m running TB version 4.5. Does it have something to do with the fact that i’m on Vista 64? I’ve downloaded the latest drivers from wacom… but nothing seems to work.

At first it was hardly drawing correctly at all until i disabled the tablet pc stuff in the Windows components. Now it seems to be drawing smoothly… i just don’t have any pressure sensitivity. Thanks in advance for any help!

Try adjusting the sensitivity in the software that came with the tablet. There should be a switchu doo dad that says something along the lines of hardness/softness; make the tip harder or softer, this should give you some pressure control. Also try pussing really really really hard on the pen.


call Wacom they have decent tech support with stuff like this.

I have yet to use this program on Vista, but ToonBoom uses Quicktime for Wacom Drivers. Try installing a Newer-or-Older version to see if problem corrects.

Do you have multiple monitors? if you do, that may be the problem - I’m guessing the cintiq is set as a secondary monitor. If you are not running it off a laptop (because you cannot do this on a laptop) make it The primary monitor and put it left of the secondary monitor. This may just fix your issue. You can also completely disable your secondary monitor.

if the above doesn’t apply, you must be on an ATI card. I have the same problem with Storyboard pro on my ATI system - Upgrade/downgrade your drivers (yeah, I said downgrade… that isn’t always possible though in Vista… sometimes you only have 1 option)

Install on a New machine with Nvidia Card. I’m not being an Nvidia Fanboy, but all systems I’ve used as a ToonBoom computer (or story board pro) has never had the pressure issues like my ATI systems.

so, those are the points to check. Quicktime, Video Card Drivers, Monitor placment… if none of those work, you may need to make hardware changes.

Good Luck - let me know what works for you