No Pen Pressure on Yiynova mvp22u(v2)

I recently switch out my old Cintiq 21UX for a more affordable Yiynova MVP22U(v2).

Sadly, there is no pen pressure in Toon Boom animate Pro 2. I can get pressure in Flash, Photoshop, and Maya, so I know the driver works.

I have uninstalled my old Wacom drivers, reinstalled Toon Boom, and tried unplugging one of my monitors. Still, no luck. I really don’t want to go back to Flash! Any advice would be appreciated.

PS: I’m running on a mac.

I use a Yiynova MSP19U and had the same problem until I ugraded to AP3. The only solution I found (apart from upgrading) is to install AP2 Windows version on a bootcamp partition. I know it’s not a great answer, but you’ll get pressure sensitivity back.