No option to vectorize in colour

I am new to Toon Boom and going through the tutorials using the advanced module of Toon Boom. I tried to import and vectorize the .png provided in the tutorial (mountain hike and bush) but there is no option under imports to vectorize in colour as the video is showing. Only black, gray scale and new present. Am I missing something? I created a new preset and selected ‘Output colour as texture’. The result was in colour but I got a prompt that one of the colours was not been recognised (surprisingly this was the white colour) and whether I would want to recreate it. When i selected yes it created an unsightly patch in the image. Any guidance would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

I don’t know to which version the video you were watching refers to, but I think that between version 10 and 11 of Harmony the interface changed the import/scan options. Before, import options included under vectorization “black & white”, “grey”, and “colour”. But now - since version 11, apparently -, the import options are separated in Keep as Original Bitmap, Import as Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing, and Convert to Toon Boom Vector Drawing. You would use this last option to vectorize animation layers, converting them to black lines or retaining their greyscale texture. To import colour drawings, such as backgrounds, you should choose one of the first two options. The results are very similar, but Keep as Original Bitmap won’t allow you to edit the image in Harmony.

Luis Canau

I choose “Convert to Toon Boom Vector Drawing” then I click on the pencil next to the + -.
Then in the “Vectorization Parameters” display, check “Color as Texture”

I used the option to import as Toon Boom Bitmap with the Alpha set to “Straight.” It worked fine to retain color and didn’t affect the tutorial. I know vector will have a purpose later on, but this new version does fine with a “Toon Boom Bitmap” vs a regular bitmap. I’ll revise this if anything changes!

Good evening,

Thank you for bringing this issue up.
If I am correct, you are referring to the Kick-Start course on the Learn portal,

There is a small error in the procedure as it’s a bit different for all 3 Harmony editions.
I will see that this issue is fixed.

Which Harmony edition are you using?

Thank you!


It might be confusing because it could mean the “module” of the training course but the OP stated the “advanced module of Toon Boom” which could be referring to Harmony Advanced?

Oh you are right!

I missed it in the first sentence. My bad.

Yes indeed, the option Import as Toon Boom Bitmap will work for the tutorial.
We will fix the issue on our side.

Thank you for catching it.


This is still a problem. I was trying the advanced tutorial as well and got stuck here. Considering the tutorials are supposed to be for beginners, it’s not helpful to have the first one where you actually do something be wrong!


Pleaes contact with more details and screenshot since the image from original link is broken.

Importing as a Toon Boom bitmap drawing will get the images in color, but you lose the transparencies.

Doing a colour vectorization would give you a bitmap image with a vector border.
This also would not give you any transparency as the white would still be opaque.

Try importing your image as a “Toonboom Bitmap Drawing”. Depending on the
type of transparency you used in the bitmap, try the transparency options:
Clamp Colour to Alpha
Pre-multilpied with White.

Still an issue in the tutorials. Is a fix coming? It’s really difficult to start learning new software by guessing which options will work best…

I just got the trial version and trying to learn the software asap to figure out how and when to purchase it. I’m having the same issue as everyone else in this thread and
certainly don’t have the time to do guesswork at the moment. This is a major bump on the road - on the very first tutorial. Please provide guidance.
If the tutorials are flawed like this, it’s very difficult to use this limited time offer efficiently. Are there alternative tutorials available that i can follow instead?
Please respond asap. Thank you.

See the solution as used by anim8 above. It seems to work. To recap, click on vectorize image, as in the tutorial video, and then click on the pencil icon. Find the selection “Colour as texture” and check the box and then click “ok.”

Thanks, but that solution still doesn’t work. It works in Animate 2, but not in Harmony 14 Advanced. I’ll keep trying, though. Thanks again.

I did same way with Harmony Premium 16, 17. It worked and good. It make a result as a vector image. Bester, we should use PNG image with transparent fill out of the character or prop. After finish all, return for rename this option (New Preset => Color Vectorize). You can save this option for next times load it to use.