No more search engine and Tips and Tricks section?

Welcome the new forum design! A goal with the attachment image files. I think that the Tips and Tricks section was an important section to find solutions that have already been settled before and could be consulted quickly. Other missed aspect is the search engine. And what about the ranking of visitors in each topic?


I’m with you, Yoryo! It seems odd that, to my knowledge, no one from Toon Boom announced the new forum prior to or after it’s being launched. There still hasn’t been any comment from any TB representative since the launch. On other forums I’ve been involved with there was much more interaction between the hosting moderators and the forum members regarding changes to the forum–what the members liked, wanted, disliked, etc., so people could give feedback.

At the end of the day, this is still TB’s forum, they started it, host it, and manage it. Perhaps this is just the start and other features will be added later on?

Hi Zeb! I remember in a post, before July, Lilly said renewal was coming in the operation of the forum.
In the general discussions post: - (05/31/2012), I remember you suggested some important changes for this new forum.
I consider, has achieved a practical breakthrough, as well as links to Youtube and google video are automatically converted into embedded videos and direct uploading of images by browse. No doubt that the participation of the members contribute to future changes in this new forum style, that allow the quickly navigation for locate some very important and specific content that has deserved special sections at the time. There are still those contents here? (Tips and Tricks) and the blocked section created by Lilly to quick access to useful processes for all users? I miss too the word search window. We hope to see new features can be added from now on!


The new forum is nice to look at, but woefully short on usefulness. There is no way to search past posts, which was always my first line of attack whenever I came up against questions I could not solve via the User Guide.

I also miss having a separate section for Harmony.

And… still no introduction or comments from Toon Boom staff or moderators about all the changes, missing sections, and utilities?

Puzzling… and disappointing. I have always been impressed with Toon Boom’s customer support.

I am a brand new Harmony user and need all the help I can get.

As Zeb said: “At the end of the day, this is still TB’s forum, they started it, host it, and manage it. Perhaps this is just the start and other features will be added later on?”
We are waiting for news about this features. The search engine is very necessary for locate puntual themes or chronological post by author. Other ítems your appointed (Harmony section) are important too.

For now you can search via google, for instance:

“alien-inspired animation”


Thanks for clarify Icanau!

Hi Lilly, we were missing you! Thanks for the precise response, is exactly what I expected to know, the site is progressing towards its final and functional change, it´s a very good new!


Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that we’re taking a look at the comments and concerns of the users, and it will take us a little time to work out all the kinks in the new system.

We do have a Search Engine on the way, never fear!

We are also going to do our best to migrate over all the forums that were on the old site, including the dedicated Harmony section.

Thank you all for your patience! And sorry for the late reply, I only just returned from a much-needed rest over the Winter holidays!


I am so glad to know that the new forum is a work in progress and that we can look forward to a search engine and dedicated Harmony content. It is a very clean interface that feels fresh and invites participation. I am eager to see all the finishing touches in place.

Nice to know you got to relax a bit too. I know your job takes you all over the world. You are a great ambassador for Toon Boom.

At least one easy add on would to be able to subscribe to a thread. Via email.
For the obvious reasons…

Yes I’m aware of this one too!

Just noticed there is now a search box at the top right! Yahoo!

Is it possible to get an approximate timeline on forums being readded?

Could we have a global WIP/showcase forum? (this would be ideal, i would rather this than one for each piece of software)

By the way my iphone/ipad game which was made partly using harmony/animate is out! Cosmic balance if you want to look at a screenshot to see some of the art.

I just tried it it works. Yahoo too!

We are going through different phases. As some people have noticed already, there’s now a search box at the top. We’ll also be adding a search button that you can click on.

As the weeks go on we are going to be adding new features as well as cleaning up the migration of content from the old forums.

It is indeed possible to have a global WIP forum. Let me look at this with the team and see if it makes sense. Thanks for your feedback as always!