No more Auto Gap?

I’ve used Toon Boom Studio for years. Now getting used to Harmony, and it seems to be missing one important function: Auto Gap.

Yes, I know about the Close Gap and Stroke tools. But is there not an equivalent to the old Studio Auto Gap? If you recall, you could turn it on and off, I believe from the Drawing menu. You could choose to close small, medium, or large gaps when filling with the paint bucket.

I’m new to using a Cintiq, and I’ve got many more gaps than I would with ink on paper. Fixing them with the Close Gap tool is time consuming.

Here’s a link to show what it was in Studio.

Pencil Tool Properties has a Auto-Close Gap option, Line Building Mode also comes in handy sometimes.

Paint Tool Properties has a Close Gap option, setting can be set to a value between 0 and 10.

Interesting. I’m accostomed to doing my line work with the paint brush. I’ll have to try the pencil tool-- but I’m concerned it won’t have pressure sensitivity?