No longer a .AI import option?

You used to have an option for selecting a .AI file for import to library.
Now there is ONLY .SWF

Whats going on and how do you get AI imports back?

Latest Harmony build. Latest Adobe CC, Win 10. 64 bit, nvidia rtx 3070, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor 3.80 GHz


Also having the same issue here. Tried CS2 and other Ai options.

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Same issue here. Has anyone found a solution?

Likewise, I’ve upgraded from Harmony Essential To Advanced 22, and also tried the 21 version as recommended by the technical team, and I still can’t import any version of AI files, including CS2. Being able to work with AI files was the reason I’ve chosen Harmony. Now what?

I was just told that Harmony Advanced 21.0.3 that still allows AI file import.

I just bought a student license, and started learning in Advance 22.
Literally, the first thing I am trying to do is to import a drawing from Adobe Illustrator,…and it doesn’t work like it says on the documentation.
Is it true that it works in Harmony Advanced 21.0.3?
If so, could you show me how to downgrade to previous version?
Thank you

I 'm with you. You can access all Harmony Advanced versions in your downloads, once you log in. You probably will need to resave your 22 projects in order to reopen them in 21.0.3. Hope this helps.

Thank you!
I’ll give that a try.
Being able to import is huge…
wonder why TB would kill that feature.