No images in camera view

In Animate on a certain project when I open a file I see everything in place in the timeline and x sheet. There are no images in the camera view. When I open a test scene and try to import an animation from the library, the templates are greyed out. It seems as if there is a disconnect and Animate can’t locate the files it needs. I don’t understand how the internal Animate library is organized. Is there a way to reconnect the material with the scenes.



This sounds rather like a problem with the graphic card not supporting OpenGL. The Camera display uses OpenGL but most of the other windows do not. The thumbnail drawings don’t require OpenGL to be displayed.

The test is if you create new drawings and effects, are you able to see them in the Camera View? If yes, perhaps your original project was corrupted somehow. Remember to always zip your project folder if you are moving it from the internal hard drive to any other media and always make sure to be editing your project while it is on the internal hard drive.

External hard drives, USB drives and network folders are not responsive enough to reliably keep up with the data/files being generated. Only the internal hard drive should be used for editing your project. You may then zip and store the project on these other media for archiving or storage.

Thanks for your response but my problem has to do with the file somehow now locating the source material. All this work is on the hard drive and there was some sort of computer glitch when I tried making a test movie and my filing system got scrambled in a strange way. I can’t figure out at the program level where the library resides and unless it only resides in the library in Documents and not someplace deeper. And if there is some way to get the file to recognize the material - wherever it is. This is probably not helping. But thank you.


Locate your project folder and check the elements folder of the software to see if the images are still there. If you transferred the project from an internal drive to another type of drive without zipping the project first, the data might have become lost because the other drive could not keep-up.

For the library, check your library folder for the .tpl (template) folders within.
Do you have the rights to view the contents of these folders? It sounds like a file permissions issue but you may wish to contact support for some remote assistance.

I think I figured out the problem. I typically save my files to the desktop (iMac) and later move them to the appropriate folder in the hard drive. In the past, Animate was always able to locate the moved folder. Since upgrading to Mountain Lion, Animate has trouble finding a folder that has moved since the last save. It seems to be an interface problem between the annoying Mountain Lion and Animate 2.


If you move your project from it’s original location then the listing of the project will be wrong in the splash screen project selector. You can always open the project by using the “Open Scene…” link and navigating to the project’s current location or by using Menu-File-Open from within the software.