No help after crossgrade

Just did the crossgrade from Anim 1 to Anim Pro 2 this week.
So far so good, except that the help system no longer
seems to respond. Tried ‘F1’ and the ‘Help’ menu option,
both leading to a suprising lack of any response. I did
not see any problems so listed in the Knowledge base
and a quick search here did not turn up any.

I am running on a Vista-64 system, and did a complete
uninstall of 1 before doing the new installation.

I do have access to the pdf’s and they do seem to open,
so it is not life or death. It is a bit of a time drain to not
have the help system directly available, so any suggestions
would be appreciated!



This happend to me too in May.
I have mac but maybe the problem also for you is adobe reader.
The help system needed last version of adobe reader, just update and see if it works.
Hope you solve the problem.
Best regards

hmmm… That seems a reasonable possibility,
so I just tried it. Upgraded acrobat reader to

Unfortunately, that does not have seemed to
fix the problem for me. Thank you for the
idea, it was a good one.

Any other ideas I might try?


I found another post on help system at page 10 here on the forum.
But this also point to adobe acrobat reader, maybe you find find something there?
The link is under:;action=display;threadid=1618

Hope you solve it

Maybe try redownloading the help from the elearning page? I belive they are designed to autopatch on animate and might restore the links.

I’m not sure why the help file would have gotten unlinked. All I can think of is that you might need to uninstall and reinstall the program. If this doesn’t solve your issue, then feel free to email support,, to help resolve this issue. I understand how handy it is to have the help file ready when working with the software.

Toon Boom Support

Okay, I tried redownloading the help files. Did not help.

And I just tried returning license/uninstalling/rebooting/
reinstalling/reactivating license. No good. I still have
no access to help from within the program.

Definitely time to email support.