no effects when i export :(

hi toon boomers,

im fairly new to the whole business of cartooning so please excuse me of any dilinquence!

im using toon boom studio v4.

so, im creating my project…
im using color transform effects to blend titles and scenes in and out (using alpha channel).
it works great! …till i preview or export… and then the effects do not take place. when i preview the show with interactive play within toon boom, they are working, but alas never outside :frowning:

please any help is welcomed, ive been looking around this forum and around toon boom itself now for ages and still i have no clue… maybe an option or checkbox somewhere? i have no idea…

- davey

ps. is it possible to have audio spanning across multiple scenes?

and also, i was making a scene earlier that was around 11000 frames long and for some reason i could not select frames properly, everytime i would try to click it just jumped to another frame before or after it, very annoying! the keyboard A and S keys for quick selection were not helping me either…
any ideas?


Hi Davey,

You are experiencing a lot of unrelated things right there so let’s try to clear things up.

1. Concerning your frame skipping issue you may want to consult the following topic for it will most likely solve the situation:;action=display;threadid=3286

2. Concerning the sound spanning through multiple scene this is possible to do by not checking the Streaming checkbox in the sound editor of the sound in question you want to travel. Be aware that this will no longer force synchronization frame/sound is swf format so you may be better opting for a .mov or .avi format as your final output. Also be aware that while you will be working on the file you won’t see the sound from previous scene in your timeline. You can always reimport it and cut it down using the sound editor to allow you to work on more easily. Once you get to the point you need to export I recommend you to disable that “work in progress” sound to avoid stacking tracks that have the same information.

3. Finally for the disappearing effect have you tried to do an export to movie/avi of a small part where that effect usually disappear. The Quick Preview option is a fast swf render and some effects applied on specific element may not be able to go through. If this effect is only applied on text you may want to select the text and use the “Break Text Apart” function from the top menu Tools two time to convert the text to a vector shape. It may simply be that the text format was not able to be processed properly in the swf export.

Let us know if you get any better result using the recommendation above.

Best regards,