No Drawing, blind painting

Sorry about my bad englisch
I downloaded the toon boom v3 demo, and after reading the basics and the tutorials i tried to paint. there is no way to get a point or a line on the display

i can draw as much as i want, the drawing windows stays white

in the properties window i can see it.
i did it in the same way as in the tutorial
i pressed every button and changend many options
can you help me?


there you see my problem: many lines and a text, but no chance to see it


Here is something you could try. Go in Edit>Preferences>Display. Then change your setting from OpenGL to Direct3D or the other way around. Close the application and relaunch it.

If the problem persist try to go in the same preference window (Edit>Preferences>Display) and trigger of Hardware acceleration. Once again close the application and relaunch.

Let us know if it works.

Best regards,