No Colours Saved, No option to create either

Hi There,

After working on a project, I have saved it numerous times, but on re-opening I have found that I have no colours saved and neither can I generate new ones??!!

Where have my colours gone, I cant draw anything like this - bizarre!

Any ideas guys?

what software are you using? what type of computer?

Windows XP, Animate standard (not pro), on a Dell 6400 Laptop. Dual Core Pentium etc.

In the colour bit, the only option I have is to “protect colour”… nothing else, i can’t make, delete or see any colour swatches.

Any Ideas?

If I open a new project, the colours are back. Weird.

Can you import a color palette from another file?

It sounds like your file could be corrupted, somehow. I’ve had Animate files that had color palettes with a “recovered color” prefix, but not the inability to create new colors and such.

Have you been incrementally saving your file (i.e. myAnimateFile_001, myAninmateFile_002 and so on…)? If so, go back to an earlier version of the file and see where you lost the colors.

One thing that did take me for a little loop, is that when I opened an Animate file, I had no color pallets, until I clicked on a cell on a drawing layer. Once I did that, I could see my palettes and create new colors.

Is it possible that your palette file got deleted? Browse to the location of your scene folder in a file explorer. Inside your scene folder there is a folder called palette-library. Here is where all your palette files are stored. Do you see your scene’s palette file in here? If you do, and it’s not showing up, then perhaps it got corrupted. There may be a backup of your palette file, which would be the same name as your palette followed by a ~. For example, if your palette is named Palette.plt, there may be a Palette.plt~. If there is, then rename your origianal palette file - for example, rename it to Palette-backup.plt. Now rename the backup file, Palette.plt~, to the original name, Palette.plt. Now try to reopen your scene. Do you see any colours now?

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Cheers Guys,

It appears that open re-starting Animate, I simply have to re-load my freshly saved colours from my palette. I would’ve thought it should just save and load from starting up a project, but obviously not.

It’s fine though, got it going again nicely.

Hmm usually it should load the colours automatically, but you have to click on a drawing for the colours/palettes to show up. Maybe you had not clicked on a drawing?

In any case, glad that it’s working nicely!

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