No color!

So, I recently got toonboom 7.1 but every time I try to color something in it’s black.
I’ll click on different colors of the palette but nothing works!
Even the octopus demo is completely blacked out.

Did I install this wrong?
What can I do?
somebody please help

Are you using Windows?
Maybe it is due to your video card which supports Direct3D instead of OpenGL.
Change the render type after opening Toon Boom Studio, Edit>Preferences>Display tab and change the renderer type from OpenGL to Direct 3D and click ok to close the preferences. And then close Toon Boom Studio completely and then reopen. If switching Direct3D still gives you a black color, update your video card driver.

I can’t find the “direct 3D” option anywhere. When I open the preferences window, this is all I get:

how to do that in older version ???
and ya I was working perfectly before… on the same system

What exactly are you using? (software and version number?)

TB Studio 8 Preferences: