No Camera Size

Hi, i have had a client come to fix an issue with Harmony however i cannot seem to find a fix.
The problem is when starting Toon Boom Premium it pops up the welcome screen and there are
no Camera Size options, No Width, No Height, No Frame Rate and No Field of View?

His GFX Card is a Nvidia 635M and its an Alienware laptop so i would assume there is plenty
of gfx power. Drivers are up to date etc but just don’t know how to fix this problem.

If anyone could shed some light on this issue that would be great.

Hi, The scene size in pixels is changed in the scene settings dialog.

The units remain the same (unless you change them too in the same dialog) regardless of the output size in pixels.

It won’t allow him to even get that far, as there is no camera size the new scene button doesn’t work.
I have added links to screenshots of the issue below:

The plus (+) button doesn’t work? that way you can add scene profiles.