NO antialiasing in Studio but OK in Animate, why?


I’ve been having no luck switching on the antialiasing in Studio 5.
Actually I couldn’t get it to work in 4.5 either.
OpenGL is the renderer of choice and the AA box is ticked and restarted the app several times with every combination possible.

I’m on Vista 64 and my gfx card is ATI 4800 series.
I never had Antialising problems in any other application.

Why would Studio’s AA be an issue for me?
Any help would be much much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


The anti-aliasing done in Toon Boom Studio is mostly handled through the video card and you may get different behavior depending on the card you have (be aware you need to be in OpenGL to have it work regardless). ATI brand card may have difficulties handling the OpenGL anti-aliasing we are using so just be aware that you may not notice a big difference.

As for Animate, it is using a completely different technology which does have different system requirement (officially only Nvidia card are supported for Animate). Therefor we can’t really compare the 2 since they are not actually doing the same things.

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What video card have you seen OpenGL antialias working on? In addition, what video card would you recommend for Studio?



Hi Marc,

I have a GeForce 7600 GTS on my machine and triggering on the anti-aliasing feature does make a slight difference on projects I made. Be aware you actually need to restart the software for it to kick in. It was mostly noticeable in diagonal lines. I suppose that higher end cards of the GeForce serie should give you even better results.

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