no activation key

ive been charged on "12/05/2016 Show additional information for activity type debit cards -180.00 CHECKCARD #### TOON BOOM TOON BO "
on my email i only got an invoice from the first time I bought it in 2015, since then I didnt get another invoice for 2016 and neither can i find a code for the last time? (2015)
on my downloads page it only says “Software Licenses No active permanent license found.”
on my manage subs it says “Renewal of product Harmony Essentials - Annual Desktop Subscription - Silver Support 80249 USD $180.00 2017-12-03 23:52 Active”

so wheres my code if ive been charged on 12/05/2016?

but every time I enter my email adress It just tells me I dont have a license? then what is my money being spent on for???

"so wheres my code if ive been charged on 12/05/2016? "

Subscription licenses are activated by entering your account’s email and password,
only permanent license get an activation code.

Your license is already installed but being blocked by security
“features” of your computer. Contact support to help you correct
the problem.