NFT investment help

Someone here has studied the issue of investing in NFT. Do you really need certain skills to profit from them?

Skills are needed everywhere, but you will quickly learn to invest. If we talk about investing in NFT. As for NFT, they now make money on it, because in most cases they are accepted as unique tokens, as they rise and fall in price. However, if you look at NFT deeper, it is much more than just an investment in tokens. For example, did you know that DAO technology is based on NFT? This is a program designed to automate the work of the organization. So NFT is not just tokens, it’s technology, it’s games, it’s information management, it’s a digital work of art that you can own. I’m thinking having such a stack of NFT opportunities is really worth investing in.

Thank you for sharing your opinion. I am also optimistic about cryptocurrency and NFT in general. I think for them the future