Next/Previous Color shortcuts issue

I’m looking for some insight into a function that appears to be missing. In the Animate Pro 3 user manual, it states on page 374 that there are new shortcuts-- Go to next color in palette, go to previous color in palette. The user manual shows a picture of a section in the shortcuts tab of the preferences labelled ‘Colour Management’, only it’s not in the shortcuts section of the program, nor can I find those shortcuts in any other section. The only thing I can find is ‘next color’ and ‘previous color’ in the main window’s view tab, only there’s no accompanied shortcut command to the right, and it’s not very helpful since the drop down menu closes after you hit it once. I’m asking because it would have been great to map shortcuts to a touch strip, but I don’t know if it’s a broken feature, or if I possibly need to enable something before it shows up.

As far as I know, this is only available in Harmony…

Too bad I can’t post screenshots for reference. I thought I’d be able to. After upgrading a few times over the years, I’ve noticed that a lot of the documentation is more of a mixture of recycled but still relevant entries with an annexation of new features rather than a total rewrite each time, so it makes sense that it could have information from other versions.

The view tab indeed does have previous and next color sans shortcuts in Animate Pro 3, but if the possibility exists where an incomplete Harmony feature bled over, it’s easier to accept it being a non-intentional presence as opposed to an intended-yet-broken feature. It only sucks because that would have been useful.