News on Harmony 15 Please!

Toon Boom needs to get their $#!T together. I find myself 2 days away the expiration of my silver support with no reason to renew.

Why no updates to H14…? Will there be any at all…? What about 15…?

OpenToonz and Blender grease pencil are lookin better every day.

I really don’t understand why they haven’t released a single update for 14 publicly since the release version of 14 has a broken deformer system if you add a deformation chain (and the only fox is a beta you have to request).

I agree too. But, as I said in other posts, Toonboom spent all their energy and time on Producer, a program that they felt studios needed; but, didn’t ask or consider any independent animators needs. Once again, proving my point that Toonboom does not care about independent animators and are only interested in studios and their needs.

And in this post by Marisa Labrador - Director Technical Support posted almost 2 months ago now, 14/06/2017 “…Rest assured that we have been working and continue working on our next version of Harmony…”

That means they have spent over a year and a half working on an update, with no updates to 14, and they are still working on it. They felt Producer was more important than putting out bug fixes to Harmony. An update won’t come until next year, as this is mid August and only 4 months left in this year. Shame, as I thought Toonboom was really a progressive and innovative group. But, it seems they are the same as any other company that has subscription based software, they don’t have to be innovative and work as hard now.

update had better come w/in my license annual renewal cycle (january) or i’m going to request that they waive or severely reduce my renewal fee. with the next release already well past 1 year, and in still limbo, tb has already set in motion a delay effect that will eventually swindle me (and all of you, too), out of an inclusive harmony update cycle (the subsequent release after whatever they release next will AT BEST follow one year later, and likely even further out than that, continually expanding and pushing past the fair 1 year cycle point.)

would tb allow indy customers to delay/defer annual renewal payments for an equivalent amount of time that the new release slips beyond the 1 year mark? of course not. they know that they have us by the balls because the software is still pretty dang good and has become deeply embedded in our workflow, even if they have been crapping on us with this lackadaisical attitude and falling noticeably behind on animation tech/trends for years now. we don’t dare jump ship.

all that said, i feel that it would be simply ridiculous if they didn’t release some kind of harmony update before the year’s end. maybe it will be an amazing release, and we’ll all be super happy even with the wait (riiiight…). it’s so obvious that with just a single measly point update within the past year, they would be avoiding this strong perception of abandonment, even if the true new release dragged on as it is now.

no, tb is behaving WORSE than other subscription-software companies, and really needs to be knocked down a few pegs (no pun intended). no community engagement, no glimpses of the release on the horizon. foundry and adobe, some of my other long-time subscription payouts, have regular point release updates every cycle, engage strongly with their customer base, preview upcoming stuff, and even if they aren’t knocking your socks off with newly-introduced features/fixes, they are visibly/honestly working on SOMETHING.

**no updates in 1 year!!! They need to give your money back or next year free.

AND this is why I skipped the "support " model from toon boom, I was scared that this happens… I prefer to pay for an upgrade that I KNOW is a good one, no updates in one year is “no good” for us, the customers…no bueno! … :frowning: - I can be very happy to pay for “support” is there will be any updates, bug fixes and new tools/version every year…oh boy…I need more coffee … :wink:

cheers everybody, and keep hope that this will change, I love toon boom :wink:

Marisa said there would be news about Harmony 15 in mid October, so let’s just wait and see.

She said the news would be here this week… and yet no news.

received the release info email. some good stuff here.

OpenGL Cache Lock node sounds brilliant, that should help a lot with some complicated rigs.

i hope the cutter node hasn’t been fully replaced by the mask port. the mask port sounds like a nice option and will probably be the preferred option going forward, but sometimes the cutter node just did some useful compositing tasks that aren’t immediately obvious… a lot of new masking stuff to try out!

rulers and guidelines for drawing, excellent!

what is status of mac os 10.12 compatibility? site still says 10.10, 10.11.

Harmony 15 is not available yet. Once it has been released the minimum requirements will be updated. BTW it is a good idea to wait before upgrading to the latest OS. Give it time for the kinks to be discovered. High Sierra changes the file system on SSD, or something like that I hear but have no interest in jumping into.

10.12 is not high sierra, it has been out for over a year.

They have been behind haven’t they?

I am still on Yosemite.

yes, me too. well, i swap between 2 different mac pro stations running 10.10 and 10.11. i’ll understand if 10.13 is not stated as being supported as it is just being released now, but h15 really ought to support 10.12 so will await the public release to view the os reqs.

Hello everybody,

Just to let you know that an update to Harmony 14 is now available.

Please, if you experience any problem downloading/activating it contact

Best Regards

Marisa Labrador
Director Technical Support


Are there any release notes on this? Or what does it fix/address?

Thank you.

yes, please provide more information about this update. i can not find any release notes, nor did i receive an email about the update (weird).

i’m sorry to gripe further, but i have to say, while an h14 update is appreciated (and i’m guessing it is just some kind of basic pre-release “glue” to bridge project structure to h15), it is thoroughly bizarre that toonboom would wait WAY past a year, indeed past the announcement of the soon-to-be-released new version, to provide the only update to the existing version of harmony.

Hi folks,

I think that it might be the bug fix repairing the kinematic output problem with deformers.

Hi all,

Here are the release notes.




Thank you, Marisa.

There is lots of information contained within that file that allows a user to really know what is going on. Please, if this information can be released when you guys make an update/release, it would be so appreciated.

This official update is the 14 update that has been available in beta. When I received the link to download the beta there was also a link to the release notes. They are identical to the release notes linked here for this official update to 14.

Toon Boom still needs to update the Harmony 14 page to reflect this current version and its release notes:

Just noticed you can download it already. Hope it’s not as buggy as 14.

Now let’s see…