Newby question

Hi all!
New to ToonBoom AND new to animation in general. Coming from cartooning to see if I can make the jump to animation.

So far I am struggling along trying to learn the software. I lot of thinks I DON"T LIKE, but I’m trying to stay positive and chalking them up to the learning curve. (Just seems like the guys at TB could take a HUGE lesson from Adobe on how to navigate through software!!!)

But here is my first of what will likely be many many questions…

So far I am not comfortable in drawing straight into Animate, so I have been importing a line drawing from photoshop and tracing over it. Is there a way to change to opacity of the imported drawing layer? As a work around I have just been graying it down in PS before I import.


Hello and welcome!

I just import the image, then hit the onion skin button, then trace it on the next cell or frame and it lightens just right too. I think this is covered in the PDF user guide on page 321 or so. I think there is a better way to do this in Drawing view, but right now I am not getting along with the xsheet.

I am a newbie too, struggling with this program like you dont believe, but slowly I am starting to understand the little things that make it so popular.

Dont give up just yet, cause you are not the only one.