Newby frustrated...

I am very familiar with video editing and a raft of other software, but am having a huge job to get a hold of Animate 2! The Manuals seem to me to be useless. I have spent hours watching all the tutorials and thus have an idea of what can be achieved but can’t even do the simplest of things!!!

To start with I want to do a very simply thing: have a wheel of a car fall off,so the wheel goes from standing vertical to lying on the ground - rotating around the point the tyre touches the ground. If I could do this I’m sure I’d be underway…but I’m not.

I have my full illustrator image in layers imported into Animate 2 with the wheels on their own layers.

I’ve read the manual on motion keyframes and it only tells me how to change from motion to stop motion but not how to use either. I use key frames in Sony Vegas all the time but can’t see how they work in A2.

I want to interpolate between the wheel standing vertical and it on the ground horizontal. Should be easy but I just cannot for the life me see how to do it.

The program does not appear to be the most intuitive.

I’m not thick but sure feel like it!!!

Anyone able to help?

did you add a peg? and did you used the advanced animationtools in the toolbar at the top? maybe this video can help:

Thanks so much. That looks like it may be what I’m after. That was clear. Will try it later on…Appreciated.

Well…I’m no further ahead…still can’t make head or tail of this.

Even with a peg layer, and animate button on, and rotate selected, no key frames are ‘automatically made’ and no interpolation occurs.

Also…the view is down the side of the car…thus some of the side is in front of the wheel (nearer the camera) and some is behind it. Thus if I order the layers so that the is ‘behind’ the nearest panel, it is also behind the furthest panel and so when it rotates over, it rotates behind the rear panel!!! Whereas if I order the layers so the wheel layer is above the panel layer, then the wheel shows in front of the panel and not in its wheel arch!!! Clearly (Apparently) I need to somehow (don’t know how) to split the panel image above the wheel and put the front bit of the panel higher in the layer order than the wheel…somehow…and the back bit of the panel lower in the layer order…but I have a gradient across the panel and need it to look seamless…

ALSO…obviously at some point in the sequence of frames, the image needs to start changing. The wheel its there for a heap of frames unchanging and then BEGINS to fall off. When I rotate the wheel, every frame - backwards and forwards - carries the same image…there is no ‘start’ to the rotation.

EDIT - OPPS…something is starting to happen!!!

Well I seem randomly to get key frames and movement but I can’t repeat what I did and still have no clue what I did…I’ve had enough for today…

UPDATE: Well I randomly worked some stuff out and found out what I did. I’ve actually got my first animation finished. so I’m under way…

please share…