Hi all, not purchased toon boon studio yet as i have purchsed animate studio 7, my mistake!! bad one at that! the problem i have is with it you can only work on one scene or window at a time to do all yor animations on. grrrr >:(. Please tell me toon boon studio 6 is different! can i have a number of scenes in the film. e.g outside a building then next scene inside?

Regards tony2sugars

many thanx in advance of your replies

In Toon Boom Studio 6 you have the option of multiple scenes and have a scene manager feature.

You can download the trial from our website to try it out!

Thanx very very much…wasted so much money on rubbish software, should of tried toon boon 1st.
one mo question…can u import photo images…e.g of a person and stick a mouth on him/her and make them talk? If that makes sense!?

thanx again

Yest you can import bitmap images to do cut out animation style and you can also draw your mouth shapes. TBS has a great lip-sync feature that will save you lots of time!

The lip sync feature is really good. It saves so much time. If the dialogue is recorded clearly and with proper annunciation, you won’t need to swap very many cells or do much adjusting.

Here’s a good tutorial: