Newbie tutorials

Hello – I’m a newbie to animation, and have just got toonboom studio 8. I have looked at the user guide and also the getting started, but I wanted some quick tutorial where I can import the characters and do a brief animation to get a feel for the interface and drawings. I have used anime studio pro a little and found it pretty easy in terms of the interface. The TB interface is so different. Does anyone know of any online very very basic tutorials on toon boom studio?

Thanks for your help!

Hi sritcp, I started learning Toon Boom Studio last year and have been having lots of fun with it. I haven’t created anything fancy, just exploring basic character creation, rigging, posing, and animation. How basic? Just silly stick figures. I’m sharing my learning/journey with my family and friends at (hoping to inspire them), and you’re welcome to check it out and follow along. All the best!