newbie to toonboom

Is Toon Boom studio widely used for training. I don’t know much about the target market for Toon Boom.

I have a idea about creating cartoon animation geared strictly for kids to learn English. My idea stems from my personal experience of moving to Tokyo Japan and learning to speak Japanese.

I believe cartoon animation is an awesome way to have a fun, interactive, learning experience. Unfortunately, I’ve never been involved in cartoon animation.

Unfortunately, getting started is the most difficult part. I would like to hear from those of you with experience in using Toon Boom for training purposes.

Hi. Toon Boom Studio is a great software that covers a wide range of 2D animation techniques, vector drawing, drawing vectorization, with text tool, import image (pixels), import and edit sound and lip sync, effects, multiple scenes in 3D space, camara management, and technology to produce cut out animated puppets, and multiple export formats. Now also adds tools for capturing and animating real objects, so it is an excellent tool for developing expressive movies for training, but thinking about interactivity, you may need to collect this material into another program that generates links or buttons for interactive searching. I recommend reading the user guide for mastering the basics of managing software, and search the web for training material. I hope that helps. Yoryo.