Newbie Questions


1) are there any Video tutorials on how to use “Animate”? I am wanting to import a drawing and animate it.

2) can I import a pencil sketch and animate it or do I have to create the drawing in Animate?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you did a full install of Animate, then in the opening dialog box (where you can create a new file or open recent ones) in the lower right corner is a box labeled “tutorials” and in that box is a link to the Kick Start videos.

Or you could go back to the TB website and get to the Animate section and go to E-learning section. There under Tutorials is something labeled "Free ‘video tutorials’ " – that is the Kickstart videos.

On that same page, next to the Tutorials, is a Documentation section. There you can find the Getting Started and the User Guides. (Or on your computer where animate is installed is a folder named “Documentation” and in there should be the two guides).

You can import a sketch (JPG, PNG, TGA, yadda yadda yadda) into Animate and use it for reference for the final vector drawing. Or as a back ground and so on. There’s a chapter on Gathering Content in the Getting Started and in the user Guide there’s info on importing bitmap files on pg 322.

As far as animating a sketch, there is mention of doing that (by using pegs and such) in the Kickstart videos.



Hi, sorry after posting this I found the Quick Start tutorial. Are there other websites that you know about that are dedicated to Toon Boom or is it too new yet?

Thanks :slight_smile: