Newbie Question

I’m afraid this is the first of many questions.

Somehow my cursor keeps turning into a dragging hand. None of my tools work, since when I position the cursor into the middle of the drawing area, it’s a dragging hand and all it can do is move the drawing area around.

Does anyone know how it gets into this mode, and more importantly, how to get it out of this mode?


Here is what I suspect is happening, you are trying to draw in an image element and you need to draw in a drawing element. Create a drawing element and try drawing in it directly and it should work fine.

Image elements are for holding bit-mapped images but can’t be use for drawing and can’t be edited so all the drawing tools are disabled when you try to edit inside an image element. Drawing elements are for creating vector art and they are what you use to draw stuff in TBS. If you look at the element’s timeline label a drawing element has a triangle circle and square icon while and image element has a rectangle with a squiggle inside for its icon.

Hope this helps -JK

Yes, I think that’s exactly what is going on.

Thanks so much!