Newbie offers voice acting

I’m brand new to the world of animation and have deciced to purchase Toon Boom Studio 3.0 after downloading and playing with the demo.
I’ve found user forums to be generally quite helpfull and have already gotten answers to newbie questions and great links here. I thought I would put up a link to my voice acting demo as a possible give back to the community in exchange for animation guru guidance.

After doing the tutorials in the demo I threw together something for my co-workers ( its all in-jokes, and ironicaly doesn’t have any voice acting) ). I know it looks like bad flash and doesn’t represent the capabilities of the program but it is my first fooling around (still have a week on the trial demo) .


That Christmas video was funny. The voices you do are hilarious. ;D

bigandtall, i guess you mean the gradients. To do that go to ur colour palette, and click the + to create a new colour. Double click this new colour (it will appear at the end of the colour list) and in there it says Solid or Gradient. Choose gradient and then on the coloured line below, u can click anywhere below the line to create as many different colours as you want. Then click on these coloured “pointers” and choose a colour for each one. Hope that explains it!