Newbie needs help with motion and stroke issue

Hi everyone,

I am a newbie and am slowly training myself on TB. I have come to a problem…

My project is supposed to mimic traditional cartoons so I need a nice thick black stroke around the characters. This is no problem. The problem is that when a group of elements (i.e. an arm) moves, the stroke begins to interfere.

What I mean is, for example, a characters arm is blue and the the stroke is black. The arm and a forearm are heir arched together. Therefore the stroke will be visible in between the two elements when it should look as one. To avoid that, in my vector art I extend the blue pieces to cover the stroke at the points they meet. The problem then is, when you pivot the forearm the seamless blue and seamless black contour begin to distort and the character looks ridiculous.

In the consumer level software from cut-out pro (Stickman 5.5) you are able to draw a character in one piece and establish “control points”; then you can create a hierarchy for the control points.

Is there no way to do this in Toon Boom Studio??? It would make my life insanely easier!


It looks like you need to use a patch drawing to hide the lines at the joint. If the patch is drawn with the correct shape, the arm will be able to bend without a problem.

Here is an article relating to cutouts in TBS with a section on patches:


Thanks Simon!!

That article was exactly what I was looking for!!