Newbie needs Drop Shadow help

Greetings everyone,

Working on ToonBoom 3 and have a couple drop shadow questions. I got the drop shadow, however its not in the right position. When I click to move it, my other elements move with the shadow. Also, if I hide the other elements, the shadow disappears too.

Perhaps I set this up wrong? How can I just move the shadow around to the correct position I want ? And (2) Is it possible to turn just the shadow on or does it not work like that?

Hope you can answer one of them for me.

Thanking for in advance.


Well, draw an ellipse and fill it with any colour / in the timeline click the + button (add new elements) choose drop shadow effect and click ok / drag your drawing into the drop shadow effect (make the drawing a child of the drop shadow effect) / switch to camera view / in the timeline select the drop shadow effect / select the Select tool (6) / in the viewport / move the drop shadow to any position and adjust the handles.

Does your drawing still moves with the drop shadow ?

To hide your drawing / select the drop shadow and in the properties check Hide Elements.


If you have not already read this article you might find it useful. -JK

Drop Shadow Technique