Newbie needs advice on using CS Flash Plus Pack

Forgive me if this question has been asked, but does anyone have any faniliarity with Cartoon Solutions Flash Plus Packs?
I’ve imported one into TBS (as a .swf), and I get a bunch of symbols listed, but nothing showing in the drawing window…not sure what to do next.

Is there a way to import swf, then export as a template, to make it easier to use?
Any tricks to importing .swf into TBS?
Thanks in advance…


If you bought the flash package you may indeed see the piece being all over the place for Flash do not use the same positioning system and their system of symbol is not too well understood in the drawing view (things may be scaled out or proportion, try zooming out to see if you can find the part).

This being said, if you check in the camera view you will notice that everything is fine. Nevertheless I don’t think the characters are usable as if you got the Flash formats. We use to do some conversion of swf templates and it was taking a couple of hours to the person that did it to convert the template and set everything correct (you need to first import the template then export it from Toon Boom Studio as an swf to fix the positioning, then reimport the swf and recreate the correct hierarchy of element and joint (all that for every of the views contained in the character)).

Anyway if you have a chance try getting the Toon Boom templates from Cartoon Solutions for they did all that work for you in those :wink:

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Can you walk me though that proces, I have bought swf from Cartoon Solutiones? Please, please,

Wena, from South Wales, UK

Hi Wena,

I was not involved that much in the process of converting, the information I provided in the previous e-mail is pretty much all that I know that needs to be done but there might be missing steps that I was not aware of.

You may want to contact Cartoon Solution to see if they have that template available or have a procedure to convert those templates for they are the one that convert the files.

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Thank ugo.

I had asked Cartoon Solution and they refered me back to this forum.

They don’t do the converting themselves, they are in leg with Toon Boom, or at least they where doing so.

Any one out there that has a simple sulution to converting Crtoon Solution SWF files into templaites or at lest workable charectors?


Hi Wena,

Ok sorry about that I thought they took over the conversion. The person that use to do those is no longer working in the office so I am not aware of all the details.



In case you didn’t see this reply in the other thread where you posted a question:

The character packs from Cartoon Solutions that are made for Flash are not easily converted for usage in TBS. This is due to a number of things. Flash and TBS can produce end results that are almost identical as far as the output movies but they are internally very different and in many ways work very differently.

The Cartoon Solutions Flash Character Packs that I have seen use a significant number of nested symbols. TBS does not use nested symbols. In Flash a single level symbol is about equivalent to a cell in TBS. A multi-frame simple symbol in Flash is about equivalent to an element in TBS.

Now one of the major problems with Cartoon Solutions Flash Character Packs is that they don’t use the same discipline in character construction that TBS uses for cut-outs. A Cartoon Solutions Flash Character Packs may have a whole series of hand symbols or mouth symbols but those symbols may be created at various different scales and with no specific layout orientation. When you pull them together into a common element they won’t work without being scaled identically and reoriented. And without doing that they are not useful for cell swapping.

Flash also does not support hierarchical joint construction so the Cartoon Solutions Flash Character Packs don’t use or build joints that take advantage of that feature, so much of the articulation needs to be redone to comply with TBS methods to get the advantages of pegged joints. Again the Flash solution is to work around this by creating lots of nested symbols. They might get similar results in some cases but totally different methods and usage and not easily interchangeable.

Basically, I think a person who has the skill to convert a Cartoon Solutions Flash Character Pack to be usable as a TBS cut-out character probably can create a new character from scratch faster and easier than making the conversion of the Flash character pack. I realize that my answer is way over your head, which also points out that trying to convert Cartoon Solutions Flash Character Packs is not a novice task and in fact requires significant knowledge of both Flash and TBS and both software applications are also needed. I may eventually do a tutorial on how to do this conversion but it is for very advanced users.

Cartoon Solutions has and sells TBS Character Packs and that is what TBS users should buy if they don’t want to make their own. Just avoid the Flash versions altogether. -JK

Converting swf to Toon Boom format.

I have wrote to Carton Sulution asking them this question as the forum dosn’t seem to have the answer. I they tell me I will post it on to the forum.


I have had an answer from Cartoon Solutions telling us that they have no sulutiones to converting from swf to Toon Boom, HAS ANY ONE GOT A SULUTION, Cartoon Sulution hasn’t!!!

Thanks for sending that information. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the information that you are looking for. We don’t do the conversions in-house, and from what I’ve been told, they are very time-consuming to do. If I knew, I would certainly tell you, but I’m very sorry that I can’t.

Good luck!

Emily Simmons

Cartoon Solutions

I will write a tutorial about how to do this soon, but it is not an easy process and requires significant skill in using TBS plus a good level of Flash knowledge too. As to the SWF conversions, if the SWF is an actual animation like a walk cycle or a run cycle then the conversion is not too difficult but the result is not that useful because it is not a TBS style cut-out rig so you’re pretty much stuck with using their animation and not being able to do much more to it. As to the character model sheets that are in SWF format, those are what have the most value and are also the most difficult to convert. I estimate that a really experienced TBS user might be able to convert a character model sheet SWF to TBS cut-out style (3 templates front view, side view, back view) in no less than 60 hours of tedious work, best case.

You seem to think that it is a simple task that could be explained in a few words and that is not even close to the case. If it was such a trivial task don’t you think the Cartoon Solutions people would have already converted all their characters to TBS? It is not an easy task. Sorry -JK

Thanks again KJ

I look forward to your tutorial on converting from swf to toon boom. I have been able to do the job ones. and have not used the charactor so fare.

We do seem to have lip sinc, ond the next project I have in mind are a serise of intervews with charactors; they are in animetion and I m live on avi vedio. Consecuently I will only need to do there uper half. To be honest that is going to be a work around, while I am learniing.

Thank you again KJ for all your hard work and suport.

Wena D. Parry, South Wales, UK.

P.S. any one els on the forum from South Wales if so may be we could work together?

I have just purchased and downloaded 2 character packs from cartoon solutions. One as a TBS file and the other one a flash file, and am looking at the same problem. I am playing around with a few things to convert the flash file, and I will post a tutorial if I am successful.

I had done the same thing over a year ago, that would have been a privius version of Toon Boom.

I seem to remember that the Cartoon Solution flash pack was able to be imported into Toon Boom as fare as the view screen. (camera mod). The results was just one screen full of the all parts of the of the character. The forum has some of the correspondence I had with Cartoon Solutions at the time.

The process I think was to highlight each segment from the screen and drag and drop each part into a separate section of the exposure sheet. You want need to do them all, only the ones that will be needed, that is flash needs a lot more partials than we do. You will need all the parts for front side and back of the character. At this stage let me give you a word of advice, make sure you have front and side view, of the character so that you can work a switch to make it look like a head turn. It took me hours to completion. However, it worked, I seem to recall.

Looking back at that problem, there seems some other solutions, not that I have done this but there are free software to convert from swf (the flash format) to avi, now avi can be used in Toon Boom, easier in the new version.

Then another way may be to produce a good quality picture of the character and then go through the “live scanning process” that there is in Toon Boom.

There is I believe a “private mail” system in the forum if my all my recollections are incorrect then let me know through that system. I will be able to send you and attachment of the screen, so you would be able clearly to understand my proces.

Let me know the name of the character you bought, and look what format the flash file is in.

The truth is I didn’t like the idea of giving Cartoon Solutions money without benefiting me the customer in any way.

I hope this all make sense to you.

Wena Parry, South Wales, U.K.

Another thought. On the subject heading it declares that it is CS flash. well Adobe Illustrator may be able to open the file, from there you could save the parts in PDF format or AI, both I recall can be imported into Toon Boom.

Let me know by PM how you get on.

My animation theses day are through an other software.

Out of interest let me know which character you bought.