Newbie needing tablet advice

I am brand new to storyboarding but already I can see what an incredible asset it can be in my coaching practice. I’ve managed (with quite a bit of struggling) to create an animatic on my MacBook Pro using Storyboard Pro.

I’m now considering purchasing a basic tablet that will allow me to create a series of animatics for my clients but I’m not sure what to purchase (and I’m on a budget). I’ve looked at Wacom’s 6x8 Intuos series. Can anyone please give me advice on whether this is an adequate tablet and if it will work for my needs?


The Wacom Intuos is a good choice fully supported by Toon Boom.

You probably have made a purchase by now. But if not I thought I’d chime in.
I just went through looking at tablets and comparing. My budget wasn’t huge, so I went for an “XP-Pen 22e” …
I was afraid that it was going to be a flimsy knock off. But it’s anything but, it’s a really solid artist display. I have had no complaints at all.
You save a load of money compared to a Wacom also.

I bought a Wacom Cintiq 27" HD. Like you, I’m new to tablets and SB-Pro. But the wacom I bought has been working out great. My friends advised me to buy a bigger one because it’s a wiser choice in the long run. But anything over 20" will be good. Smaller ones will limit you :wink: