Newbie Keyframing Problem, feelin dumb

Hi this is my first post and I’m feeling really dumb. Been trying to figure this Keyframing problem on and off for the past week and about to give up.

I’ve been trying to follow a YouTube Tutorial by WidowsPeakStudios on Keyframe animation here’s the link

I can’t even get past the first copying and pasting of the pendulum. I first draw the pendulum, then rotate it, select it, copy it then try to paste it to another frame. Now it’s unclear to me in the video how he does this. I would assume that under the “Element” menu you select “Cell” and then choose “add exposure” or press “R” to add another frame. I do this and then advance to the second frame by clicking on the 2nd green cell in the timeline, there I paste the copy of the pendelum, but not sure what’s happening. It seems to be there, so I rotate it to a new position, but where is the previous frame? I have both previous and next onion skins selected but don’t see any previous frame. If I select the first green frame in the timeline it’s the same as the second.

I’m so confused here I don’t even know how to explain this since I’m so new to this. If I can’t get past this Idon’t really see the point. Can anybody help me? If you need me to upload a video screen capture of what I’m doing wrong I can do this.

thanks for your time,


You might like and start with JK’s excellent series of articles and tutorials…
They are suitable for beginners and more advanced user alike…;action=display;threadid=2631

Regarding your pendulum, I guess you’re just increasing the exposure and not copy and paste your drawings… so you’re always working with the same exposure…
(one has to click in the Drawing View to bring it into focus = make it active)

Copy and Paste in the Timeline just creates the same drawing again…
(you won’t see the full divider-line between the frames)

Select in Drawing View your whole pendulum / Copy / move your Time-slider forward /
click somewhere in the Drawing View to make it active again / Paste…
(you should see the full divider-line between the frames - this is the indicator that you have created independent frames (exposures).

If you like, here is a short video demonstration how one can create a pendulum
in a different way:
(no sound, it’s all fairly simple and straight forward)