Newbie in need of advice

Hi TB nation, I am a newbie to animation and I need serious advice. My goal is to learn to animate with cut out animation because I feel it is a much simpler approach for me at this time then frame by frame. I want to create an animation that I can put on the web ala flash animation, which would allow me to ask for user input at the beginning, Simply put I’d like to add the inputs (probably jpeg file or just text) into the animation. With this in mind, am I even in the right place? I know TB is for animation, but will it allow me to integrate with some form of scripting? So I am looking at the different packages, and I think TB animate pro seems to describe what I am looking for. Any help from you guys is greatly appreciated!

If I’m reading you right you’re asking if you can make it interactive where people upload something and it’s added to your animation like ecards from JibJab.

Allow me to answer your question in two parts. Firstly, Toon Boom software is focused on producing the art and animation. It can create a .swf file you can import into Flash (As detailed here ) or assets you could import into another program. But by itself it’s not built to handle interactivity.

Secondly, as a newbie, you’re chasing down two different tasks at once. It’s not impossible to build a site and work out a system for users to submit things, but you’re better served learning to animate first and figuring out the bells and whistles of interactivity later. I know it’s cool to add them but each one you put in requires learning how to do it, making sure it doesn’t break your project in some way when it’s brought in, on top of just making a functional animation

it would be fine for what you are trying too.

You can also mix cut out and traditional to get the best of both worlds :slight_smile: