Newbie: Help setting up sequence.


I’m new to Animate 2. (in the process of leaving Flash behind)

How would you (the experienced users) animate the following, single scene, 10 second gag. This is not a “How to animate a body part” question, it’s more about “set-up” or the use of “nested symbols”, etc.

1. Character A right side of screen, sitting at desk, humming a tune while typing.

2. Character B walks in from left to center, stops, says some dialogue.

3. Character C says some dialogue. (punchline)

Would you animate each character, with audio, lip syncs, etc. then save as a symbol, then bring those separate symbol out into the camera, and then space those symbols apart as needed for timing?


Animate the whole scene straight up from start to finish all in one shot?

In Flash, since I have one character walking I would SYMBOL that charactrers head, inside do all the lip sync, head stuff. Then come back out and animate the walk cycle and save the whole thing as a symbol (movie clip) position the clip off stage. Then in another symbol (movie clip) animate the character at the desk doing THEIR thing, then position IT into the scene and I’m done.

Does this way of doing things translate the same into ANIMATE 2? Just different terminology?

I REALLY appreciate everyone’s advice on advance.



Anyone? Anyone? Beuler?

Lilly? The Raider?

Personally I don’t really use symbols at all.

In Animate there is no real need for them IMO.

Thanks, The Raider.

So, I guess you are saying just animate straight ahead both characters in the scene?

Hi iamdj
Open new project and set scene length.
I would import the sound. Best is no effects. That is especially if you want to use automatic lip_sync.
One or more audio clips depends on how you want to do your lip-sync.

Then in the x-sheet add annotation layer and write in the dialogue and in out points. To do this work turn on sound and sound-scrubbing in the top menu
-play- sound (and sund-scrubbing).
Now you are ready to do some preliminary drawings and layout.
Then it depends if you do puppet or tradigital.
If you do puppet Build and rigg it and store it in the library.
Then you can just get a new puppet out whenever you need it or if you kind of ruin it while working.
Go to the tutorials for details.
If you do tradigital, it is nice to assign quick tabs on your wacom to next and previous frame.Then create a new color swatch with some transparancy and
quickly do some sketchy animation.
Go to quick start videos for details.

God luck


Thanks, Ivar.

I will be using puppets (cut out) so I think I will set it up as you say. But, I really want to use a symbol for the the character that walks in. I think I want to use walk cycle for that (reuseable) instead of animating the character actually walking into the scene.

I am in the middle of the tutorials now. I just wanted to start the best way I could with the “least” headaches down the road. I plan on using the these characters (puppets) over and over again for short gags. So, that is why I was hoping to use and reuse walk cycles (walk-ins and walk-outs). So, I kinda know how I would do that in Flash, I was just wondering if anyone else uses nested symbols and such. I would normally nest the dialogue of each character in a symbol or movie clip in flash, that way I could now animate the body gestures like arms and head tilts knowing that the dialogue was already done inside the head symbol.

Does that make sense?

Thanks again.


Look at this thread. You don’t need to use symbols for reuse.;action=display;threadid=1886

Thanks, everyone.

I’ve watching all the tutorials closely now, and I think I just have to dive in and start playing around. I think TBA2 makes it easier to animate a puppet (if built correctly) to let you animate a character walking, with head bobs and tilts, hand gestures, etc. and still sync mouth shapes as you animate along.

So far I really like the program.

Dave :smiley:

Definitely check out that thread - I would really stay away from nested symbols. You can work that way, but you won’t be taking advantage of Toon Boom’s strength that way, Imho. Betterti animate everything on one timeline, and you can make use of templates to reuse animation like walk cycles.