Newbie export question - Animate Pro

When exporting a simple animation to a movie file, I cannot slow down the speed at which the animation plays back with the frame rate controls in the export window. Experimenting with different compression choices yields the same result. Anybody know what I’m talking about? I need your help.

New Information:
It occurred to me that when I was installing my Cakewalk Sonar DAW I learned that Apple Quick Time does not play well with Windows 7 64-bit OS. Could this be an issue?

check the export setting for quicktime as they override the scene i believe!

Let me try to better explain what’s happening.

-I want to export out a simple animation as a QuickTime movie.
-The animation scene is the standard 24 FPS.
-In the Export to QuckTime Movie window I select Movie Options.
-In the Movie Settings window I select Settings.
-In the Standard Video compression Settings window I select Animation as the Compression Type.
-The Frame Rate drop down window will show Current as the default. Now here’s the thing. No matter what I change the Frame Rate to, whether 8 or 60 fps, the exported movie will play at the same speed as the scene. (This is also the case when I select any other Compression Type such as H.264, MPEG-4, etc.)
-It seems like the Frame Rate in the QuickTime export window does not respond to the setting. You suggested that the export settings override the scene but I am finding this not to be the case.
-The user guide says that changing the Frame Rate setting in the export window will allow you to speed up or slow down the speed of the animation but again, I’m finding this not to be the case.

I hope this better describes my issue. I’d appreciate any comments.

The movie settings do NOT override the project’s frame rate settings. What you must do is temporarily set the frame rate to the desired frame rate of the movie, then export, then set it back (or simply don’t save).

Now if you had an imported audio file, you may need to re-import it so that it is samepled at the changed framw rate of the project.

Sorry for thanking you in May for your help in March. I gave up waiting for further replies and laid low while I tried to figure it out myself.

Your advice was right on. I found that setting the frame rate in the tool bar FPS box would not transfer to the export to Quicktime. I found that if I changed it from the menu bar, Scene > Scene Settings > Frames Per Second, the desired frame rate would export correctly. Anyway, I can now export slower frame rates which is what I was trying to do. Haven’t done anything much with audio yet but I’ll keep your advice in mind when I do.

Thanks for the help.