Newbie Confusion regarding animating during a Camera Pan (more details inside)


I’m having some trouble animating during a camera pan. The scene I have in mind is a camera pan from left to right. The image has a larger width then the camera view.

I want the camera to pan left to right, and during that pan you see an object passing through the camera screen, while the camera is still panning.

So what I did is turned off the camera, and animated the object passing through off screen to the right.

Intuitively I would think that i would just have to time it right so that the camera pans past as the object is moving… however… my problem is that when the camera is activated, as it moves from left to right it shifts(?) the object i want somewhere else.

I do have multiplane set up… could that be the issue?

What do you guys suggest I do to get the scene I have in mind?

Ive thought of not having a camera pan at all and moving all the images from right to left. However I want some paralax and this might not be the most efficient way to do it.

Do I have to move my object way back towards the background?

Hope people with more experience then I do can suggest the most efficient solution.


click the + icon with the curve to make and attach camera to peg, import your background or make one in Harmony, select peg layer on timeline layers panel and go to top view, select Translate Tool NOT Transform, click on red arrow to animate x axis horizontal left to right, position camera to the left, move scrubber on timeline to last frame or selected frame and animate red arrow on top view to the right and the Keyframes will be created on the timeline, animate the blue arrow y axis on the top view to dolly or truck the camera in and out of the scene, do the same for the drawing you want to animate, attach to a peg and animate how you like