newbe question

I just downloaded animate pro PLE but my company is looking for a replacement for Animo.since we do animation the old fashion way, we scan all drawings, process them and then put color and can i scan image by image and then color them with the smart fill etcetera.can anyone help using a epson 1640 XL scanner

Are you using Pencil Check Pro? This is the Pencil Check Pro forums - I’m not sure if you have Pencil Check, or just Animate Pro.Using Animate Pro, you would import with a scanner using File > Import > From Scanner… then you can use the interface to scan your images. It will load the images into the Scanner Album, then import the images into a drawing.If you are a studio, then I might recommend that you consider using Harmony for working with paperless. With Harmony, you would have a database to work with, and you would also be able to set up your naming in the Xsheet module before scanning.If you have Pencil Check Pro, you can also scan in Pencil Check Pro. Here you would set up your naming in your x-sheet first, then scan the images in.As a last resort you can also scan in Photoshop then import the images in.~LillyToon Boom Support