new version unstable

Love SOME of the new features, hate the new bugs. Pity the old bugs are still there too only worse.SBpro crashes every time losing unsaved data.yes the old demons of glitchy disappearing lines, long pauses when undoing, very finicky about settings and can hang for several seconds before displaying a line even on defaults.Advertising real time playback is misleading when it certainly doesn’t play real time even on this monster machine.Advertising claims fcp integration, no not true. A third party product does that work, for a further outlay in excess of $400.00, how misleading.Disappointed again toon boom, buggier than ever, and just as clumsy.You never fixed 1.5, this could have been forgiven if the new version worked.And what really did we get? The new brushes arent much chop, some keyframes for the camera that was nice except it crashed the program.The light-box is better and SAVE AS FINALLY that isn’t a feature guys that a necessity ?Err prettier icons? Alright where’s the chequebook… I’m buying just for them… :o

We tested the software extensively and the stability should be excellent. If you’re experiencing crashes, this is not the norm, and we should troubleshoot to find out what’s happening. What are the specs on your computer? Specifically, what is your graphics card? What is your operating system? CPU and memory would be helpful to know as well.Finally, some questions about the crashes themselves:- Do you crash on a brand new scene, or only with old scenes that you’ve upgraded from SB 1.5?- Is there some methodology to experience the crash - i.e. do you repeat certain actions that can definitively reproduce the crash?- Do you have “Use Optimized Drawings” turned on in your preferences? If so, with what settings?If you experience persistent crashes that I can’t solve with you, then you should contact support so that they can route out the source of the problem.~LillyToon Boom Support

Hi, thanks for the reply Lilly,The specs have been varied on the various machines I used, it seems Vista may be a key accomplice to to crashes, but only when used TBS2 could be in relationship between the wacom drivers, TBS and the OS.All machines had nvidia quadros intuos tablets and vista.I have tried the demo on an ancient gutless XP machine which still runs TB 1 without a hitch (of course non pro has not the animatic or sound fuctions) which had fewer issues than the vista ones on the first startup of TBS2, but second time around delays in the delivery of brush stokes made work as impossible as on the new machines.I do suspect TBS2 will work fine on a windows7 machine as the tablets functionality has been come of the now.Maybe someone could confirm full operation under vista or post a list of drivers that work with TBS/ intuos/ nvidia/vista without fail.Nevertheless I have seen nothing to say on TB site that TBS2 won’t work under vista.I must reinforce however that the amount of machines (a few typical machines of whole studio of more than 100 machines that have been custom built for running TB and autodesk products all with similar specs.) that I have tested this product on leaves me to believe that TBS has indeed not been thoroughly tested at ALL for $800.00 there should be no issue with Vista, or any popular/professional hardware.I hope that wasn’t too rushed and garbled Lilly, but I don’t have much time up my sleave, even less when trying to determine purchases of this software, I thought it was a no brainer with some of the excellent new features, but without basic operations- LIKE DRAWING? unfortunately , there’s too much risk involved to get on board the new version.

Just to be sure that we’re on the same wavelength here, we’re talking about Animate 2, not Studio (TBS), right? When you are working on a Vista machine or a Windows 7 machine, the first thing that you need to do is disabe the Aero scheme (right-click on the desktop and select Personalize, then select a Basic theme). This in most cases will solve the issue. You then also naturally need to make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date.Those are usually the two causes of brush stroke delays. You can also try deleting the tablet preferences. ~LillyToon Boom Support

We are talking about Toon Boom StoryBoardpro2 trial.That is the forum we’re in right?I have been trawling the net (no pun intended) to find solutions, one that I heard of involved a conflict with a nasty little MS office add-on .exe for tablets.I have in fact ordered TBSpro2 regardless of it’s problems with vista, I.T. will have to sort that out for the studio, it does work reasonably well on my old XP relic at home after a few hours of fiddling and reconfiguring, and I’m sure it works brilliantly on windows7 which is the only sensible solution for any tablet user.Still I would love to have your tech people advise on the perfect hardware set-up and TBS preferences for running TBS before I go splashing around my excruciatingly hard to come by cash.Thanks Lilly :-\

Hey greeble, you’re absolutley right about the instability in the TBSPRO2 trial.I had the same issues when I used the trial but I went and paid for the new version regardless as I was in a bind and absolutely needed it to get some work completed that required opening version 2 files.To my gobsmacked delight I found that the full version worked perfectly (so far so good).The installation was from a whole new download, so I suggest that it is the TRIAL which is actually unstable , not the actual app.I know this sounds bizarre but it’s exactly what I experienced.Luckily it was easier to take such a huge risk when that amazing special was on which brought TBSBPRO down to a realistic price.Any back to the topic, I was very pleased with the new version, everything seems to be much faster and there are many more features, so give it a shot if you dare , you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

Ah! I apologise for my confusion regarding the software we were talking about. Naturally at first I thought we were talking about Storyboard, but then you said TBS - which is typically “Toon Boom Studio”, another product of ours. Usually people abbreviate Storyboard simply by SB or SB Pro.

Naturally IT will work out what the issues are. However it’s most likely the Aero scheme on the desktop. If you right-click on the desktop and select Personalize, then you can select Basic theme instead of Aero.

Then the next thing that it could be is the graphics drivers. Most systems are shipped with older drivers so when they arrive the drivers should always be updated from the graphics drivers’ website.

Then the last thing that could be an issue is the wacom tablet drivers. Deleting the tablet preferences usually does the trick in this case.

Now if it’s not any of the above three, then if you email, they will definitely work through to find out exactly what the issue is.