New version at siggraph?

I like to know if Toonboom is usually releasing new version at siggraph?

In response to your other thread in the Animate section I posted this:

Animate and Animate Pro are the same program except Pro has more features. Studio is a relatively limited taste of a few features hinting at expanded capability found in the Toon Boom line beyond it. I imagine they could keep Animate the same renaming it Studio and only update Animate Pro but there is a big feature/learning curve jump between Studio and Animate. I doubt they would merge Studio into Animate.

From talk around the web TB has some form of sale going on more often than not.

Some history:

Harmony 11 was just announced June 11th, 2014

Harmony 10 announced August 6th 2012.

Version 3 of Animate and Animate Pro were official released on July 8th of 2013.

TB Studio 8 August 8th, 2013.

TB Studio 7 June 7th, 2012,d.aWw

Thanks o0Ampy0o, I replied on the Animate thread.