New Vector Software FREE!

Hello, Boomers and Boomettes,

Elwood here. I just got this notice from Chris Patmore, the author of “The Complete Animation Course”:

It’s not everyday you see a headline like that but it’s true. Microsoft have bought out software developer Creature House and are giving away the latest version of their excellent “Expression” programme. It is a vector version of Painter - which means editable natural media.

I have used earlier versions and it is excellent. As far as I can see it is only available for Macs and can be downloaded from (see link below). It has Flash support so it can produce some interesting animations too. I’ll have a review of it in the Tech Stuff section of the website sometime soon.



Hi, this is Elwood again. This might be a nice addition to animators who have Flash and Toon Boom. Can’t have too many tools, I say.

I’ll be away for a week, but upon my return, I’ll mess around with Expression & if I like it (and can figure it out, of course), I’ll report back. If anyone else does the same, please let other TBS Users know about it.

Best, Elwood

PS: Do check out Chris Patmore’s site and his book, if you haven’t already:

The microsoft link Elwood posted earlier seems to be broken – but this one is still working as of today…

I’ve played around with Expression before & it’s very cool… but yes there are some problems getting it into TB…