New user question

I need to animate a character who is mostly in profile. To save time, I want to do a puppet style animation but there are times the perspective changes and I’ll want to draw a few frames independent of the other frames. Is this possible to do in the same project? I’m still going through the tutorial but my time is very limited on this project. Thank you so much for any help!

Hya. I am fairly new at it too, I just got it in November, but I have experimented with frame animation, and most recently puppet animation. I am fairly certain you could do it, Using a library for this character especially if its a puppet is key. So now, say you have created a puppet animation ready version of the character, cut outs at the elbows, knees, ect. You move the arm up in the air, say for ten frames. You create the keyframes and what not. Now you want it to do something with framed animation. You should probably make a seperate layer, say “Arm1” and then just start off from where the puppet-ed arm left off, animate the frame by frame arm, stop, and then just start again in the puppet arm layer, by just copying and pasting where the frame by frame arm left off. I hope thats not too confusing…I am new at using all the Toon Boom lingo ect. Hope that was of help. ;D

Thanks. That’s what I was hoping I could do. I’ll know tomorrow and post my findings.