New user/Problem with bones region of influence


I am new to Toon Boom and just recently got Essentials. I’ve got a lot of 3D animation experience, but I’m not sure how to ask the right question to fix this issue.
I’ve encountered an issue twice now on characters, and I’ve tried to recreate it here with some abstract shapes.

It seems like sometimes bones will have an effect on parts of the drawing that are really far away from the bone. It looks like in Toon Boom premium you can use shaped region of influence but how can I fix the problem in Essentials? This screen shot shows the issue way better than I can describe it. The same problem is happening on another character. A bone at the top of the character is snagging a piece at the bottom and making it move, but it shouldn’t have an impact so far away.

Thanks for the help!

P.S. I’d love any advice on how to parent or connect two chains of bones on one drawing. Imagine rigging something like a horse character with a long face or nose. If the head is one drawing layer, you’d have bones coming up the neck, then branching off towards the mouth area. Would you just parent the bones?