NEW Troll Slayer- Slender Slayer (Episode 4)

Here’s this month’s Troll Slayer episode!

Episode 4: Slender Slayer


Season 1 Episodes:

Episode 1: The Smartest, The Sexiest

Episode 2: Mayonnaise on my Hands

Episode 3: Insect Overlords


Great work for your first post! I loved it.

look forward to seeing more

Very good animation and funny VO.

Thanks for the comments! Glad you all enjoyed it.

Here’s an updated version with new footage:

Made some character design adjustments and completely re-animated it using pegs with a simple background instead of just a gray color card behind him which, I think, is an improvement.

Well it took me a while to finish but here’s the first full episode of Troll Slayer!!!In this first episode Troll Slayer tells us how amazing he is, riffs on the Video Game Awards (“aka the Troll Fest!!”), and rants about how he thinks Skyrim is the worst game ever made (but we know better of course!).

Very cool. Like the 3D-ish effect that the facial features rolling around on the face gives. The head becoming more “rubbery” in the new version is a nice improvement.

Wow, I only hope to get that good at expression. Great work!

your facial acting is cool… is there a technique you use? or is it all intuitive?

I agree with Amin and Justin! Very nice effect how the face is animated. I’d like to know your process and how you go about it. It really comes to life! Did you film yourself while you recorded the audio and use that as a guide?The mouth has some nice movement to it. It’s not just switching exposures for the various positions. It has some additional movement which makes it more interesting and lifelike. Is that done with a peg attached to it?Aside from that, I had a couple of suggestions on the design. I know you are going for a kind of unique look but I think some improvements could be made with some minor adjustments. For one, on the nostrils, if you just eliminated the little lines under each dot and then moved the dots down to connect with the nose outline, I think it would look better. The other thing are the hands. Maybe drawing hands is not your thing and/or you want them to be kind of rough. But I think they could do with some tidying up so that you still get that loose look without being distracting as they are now.

Thanks! For this cartoon I used a combination of hand-drawn pre-set mouth and eye positions and peg animation with “tweens”. I go into more detail below. I’d love to do a blog post or a video tutorial showing some visuals. Would anyone be interested in that?Close! I didn’t film myself but I filmed a good friend of mine who not only provided the voice and video reference but came up with all of the dialogue on the spot with no script haha. Could’ve been a disaster but he’s really good at what he does and it obviously worked okay :DSo yeah, I pulled a lot of the acting and expressions from that. I didn’t rotoscope it, a lot of it is just me, but the animated performance is very heavily influenced by his performance.Guess you could say I did it For the first half I drew all the “traditional” mouth positions and then inbetweened them with pegs. This worked pretty good.For the second half (starting around 1:28 “so let’s get started”) I drew a new set of mouth positions using the “A-F” method that I discovered on the the Thanks! Totally agreed on those suggestions. Those are actually the same things I’m not happy with haha. For the next episode I’m going to take a second pass at the design to get a cleaner look. I’ll post some work in progresses here for you all to check out.Thanks! Yeah, it’s just a circle with “Mickey mouse ears” (ie ears that don’t change perspective) and a face that I can move around within that circle. All using pegs and motion tweens. It works really good in my opinion. Gives the animation a “fuller” look and it makes head turns really easy haha. ;D 8)

Thanks for all the replies and insight into your clip! I really liked the link to the Idleworm site with it’s tips on lip synching. Interesting stuff!One thing I noticed while watching it again is that the audio distorts when the voices get too loud. I guess you’ll have to reset your levels for future work to avoid that or move the mic further away or something.

Yeah there’s some clipping in the audio. I just got done editing the audio for Episode 2 and the quality is much better. I think we had the mic too close in the first one.

Here’s a preview of the next episode: me know what you think. The design hasn’t changed much other then I’ve added some eyebrows.

Great character. Can’t wait for the full episode.

I think the voice over is better and more lines more “punchy”. Like you have mini lol moments on the way to the big one. In your first ep sometimes it took a while to get to the lol moment.

Here’s the second episode! Made a few adjustments to the character design… added some eyebrows and took away those ugly nostrils!

Episode 2: Mayonnaise on my Hands

I liked the new design. Very nice.

Mother is pricessless. She saved that ep, after a strong start i felt you were losing it a little but she gave it a good ending!

Thanks! Glad you liked it! I’m animating the third one as we speak!