New Toonboom interface?

Hi all, I am wondering how different the new interface will be. I’m a bit concerned because I’ve been working on a beginners tutorial for months now and I’ve had to re-create parts of the interface in CorelDRAW so that they can be zoomed in on and still look sharp. (Screen-grab bitmaps become pixilated) It’s a lot of work. The CorelDRAW auto-trace feature isn’t that great and I end up doing a lot by hand. Any suggestions on making sharp looking vectors from bitmaps would be appreciated :slight_smile:


The major interface change is the icons(pretty much all of them) and the theme. This being said you should still be able to recognize all of the views and parts of the software.

You may have to patch the new icon set on top, or redo the video’s but the text should still be the same (all tools kept their functionalities).



Hi Nick,

I would recommend checking out Inkscape - it’s freeware, and the tracing feature is way way better than CorelDraw’s - I actually use it fairly extensively in combination with CorelDraw.

Hopefully that helps,