New Toon Boom Studio training title from Tonyteach!

Hey All,
For tonyteach’s 3rd training title in our Anatomy of a :30 Short series, we are using Toon Boom Studio 8 to create a 30 second 2D animated short. This title’s theme is based on animating cars, but will include animating characters, adding lip-sync, camera movements, and backgrounds.

You can pre-order the download Anatomy of a :30 Short, Vol. 3 Animating Cars for $29 via our crowdfunding campaign at Tilt.

The title will release on Friday, February 20 as a digital download, and will be emailed to all of our fans & students who made a pre-purchase.

NOTE: Once we release the title on Feb 20, it will go to it’s regular price of $99.