New-Toon boom animate crash-random

So I have a new laptop and I use toon boom animate, When Im like 5 minutes into drawing, It doesnt respond in vista, if I minimize it, It will not respond before it hits 5 minutes.

Intel(R) Core™2 Duo CPU P8700 @ 2.53ghz

320gb HD
4.00 GB memory

Nvidia GEFORCE* GT 130M, Cuda™ 1GB

I am having the same problem on my Mac. I sent tech support an email.

Are you using 32 bit ot 64 bit os?

Does it happend on certain scene or even from newly created scene?

You can also try disabling the real-time antialiasing from Preferences>OpenGL tab to have better in perfomance. You can also check your video card setting to set in better perfomance especially the scene you are openning is heavy.

its 64 bit Vista Build 6001 SP1

edit: it didnt work and my graphics card is all the way

Running Animate, Digital Pro, and Animate Pro can often be problematic on a laptop. I have spent a lot of time dealing with this issue on a number of laptops over the past year and have successfully been able to run these programs on even the most basic machines with some configuration changes.

1. Update your graphics drivers. This requires you go onto the specific graphic card site and download the latest drivers. You cannot rely on your vendor using the latest driver. Often, installing these drivers requires some fancy work because manufacturers do not like you to use anything but their approved configuration. This includes Lenovo and HP/Compaq. Manufacturers tend to keep much older drivers. You may need the help of a local computer geek.
2. Specifically, integrated Intel drivers have updated dramatically over the original configurations that ship with most machines. If you use the older drivers, your animation program will crash and do so dramatically. Update the driver and you will be pleasantly amazed.
3. Check out the troubleshooting section on the Toon Boom site. It will talk about turning down hardware acceleration. This can fix pesky problems.

I hope this helps.

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