new tools what purposes?

what the purpose of the tools: Apply to All Drawings in Layer /Apply to All Visible Drawings/Apply to Line and Colour Art ?

Someone could explain?


Hi Claudio,

Here a little summary of what those functions are for:

1. Apply to All Drawing in Layer:

This is used to do a modification to the whole sequence of drawing located in a single layer. This can but used to paint a sequence of drawing without having to flip through them as long as they share a zone that can be painted in a specific location. Therefore if you have a bouncing ball drawing sequence you could use the paint tool with the Apply to multiple drawing option triggered you could select the whole drawing canvas and all your balls will be painted automatically.

2. Apply to All Visible Drawings:

This one is used to allow you to apply the tool you have to everything you see on screen. Again, if used with the paint bucket this would allow you to paint any layers on the screen without having to select them previously in the timeline or with the select tool.

3. Apply to Line and Colour Art

This feature is only useful when you are in Use Advanced Art Mode (in the General Tab of the Preference). This mode gives 2 layers of depth within a single drawing, the line mode and the color mode (people using Digital Pro/Harmony should be familiar with those). It basically allow you to use one layer where you draw your lines only and one layer where you paint the zone. It mode can be useful if you want to do a lot of coloring in your lines and don’t want to have to protect the color of the filling all the time (since when everything is on the same level the fact of using the Repaint Brush will apply it on the filling along with the line). Back to the main topic, the Apply to Line and Color Art will allow you to use the selected too to modify both Line and Color Art. This can be really useful when you want to move something with the select tool because without it you will end up moving your line but not your filling.

Hope this helps you out.