New to Toon Boom

So i am new to computer animation and I am okay but not the best artist. I saw on the website these really well done animated movies…For example the movie POP with the rooster and the fox… was that all done on the computer or did he draw it out first and then scan it into the computer…I just want to know if its possible to do all this really cool artwork all on the computer?

Totally digital or partially digital both work equally effectively. It’s a matter of personal preference and practice and comfort level.

You need at a minimum a Wacom tablet if you want to go totally digital.

The important consideration is that quality animation is not a function of the tools or software but rather the artist.

Any form of art has a learning curve and a skill level achievement associated with it. Roll up your sleeves, be patient and persistent, and don’t expect to be great overnight. Just try to make each project a little bit better than the previous project and eventually you will achieve your desired results. Instant gratification is highly overrated and achievement thru practice and hard work is much more satisfying.

If you have a single coin you can’t buy much, but if you add another coin on to your pile each day, over time you will build a valuable pile of money. Most achievements are like that, you just have to be willing to stack up coins over time. -JK

COMPLETELY agree with JK!

I teach introductory animation at a local community college and 90% of the students come to class honestly thinking the computer is going to make everything ‘beautiful’ for them. It’s doesn’t work like that - the computer is only a tool, like a big fancy hammer. In broadcast news we had a saying ‘garbage in, garbage out’. Meaning, the project will look exactly as good as how much effort you put into it. I’ve been animating professionally for about 2 years now and I still get frustrated with the quality of my work - but I know it’s much much better than when I first started.

Really good animation is NOT EASY - but it is a skill that is very worth learning! Patience and persistence will get you far. Like training for a 5K marathon - it doesn’t happen overnight.

Good luck!


I’m a total newbe and have no clue what I am doing. ??? Have to do a storyboard for a class assignment due on Sunday and have been playing with this darn thing all week and still not able to do things like edit click art I import into panel, have picture move to background, etc. Is there anyplace I can go for a book, or even on line instructions? Also thinking of getting a drawing tablet but not sure which would be best inexpensive one to use with my mac since I have another storyboard class in two months. Won’t make this something I use a lot so don’t want to spend big bucks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A Wacom Bamboo graphics won’t break the bank.

For tuition, VTC did a very good tutorial on using Toon Boom Studio 5.

Thanks guys, I have been working on a cartoon and so far the characters are coming pretty good but your right patients is important! I will just keep working at it!

Its not impossible to do everything on the computer.

With my experience I can say you to plan everything in paperwork and improve your drawings and maybe buy a good tablet and work on you drawing on the tablet.

I use my computer to do everything in my animations(less the paperwork) and I can guarantee you that the work is not perfect, its was better if I had a tablet to draw on the computer, the animations would be better and the drawing quality as well.

Sorry for the writting errors. :slight_smile: